Archival Digitization

Digital Media Services has completed a number of high profile digital archive projects for the preservation and conversion of physical tape and film formats into the latest digital file formats.

We have in-house digital archive service centers on both coasts to minimize the distance your sensitive masters have to travel.

Media stored on physical tape formats can naturally deteriorate over time.  Environmental factors such as how a tape is stored can contribute to the physical media’s life expectancy.

The digitization process at Digital Media Services will ensure that your assets will be protected and preserved for years to come. If you have older tape formats that are taking up space or costing you money to physically store, DMS can help. Ensure that your content is not lost forever!

Our archival digitization capabilities allow for a fast turnaround time to meet your project requirements. Start monetizing your content today!

Recent Digitization projects include:

  • Advertising Content
  • Several Professional Sports Leagues and their individual teams
  • Television Series
  • News Programs
  • Entire Catalogs
    • Music, TV Programs, Documentaries, and Feature Films
  • Company Meetings
  • Church & Religious Ceremonies
  • Speeches & Lectures
  • Home Movies


Digital Media Services makes it easy for customers to deliver and receive content. We accept both electronic and physical masters for quick receipt, QC, and delivery. Setting up your account is fast & easy with no minimums required.

Call us today at 212-951-7000 New York or 818-846-4000 in LA or email for a free estimate or project quote.