Multiplatform Video Content

There was once a time when, if you missed your favorite program, you had to wait a full week to find out what happened.

That is certainly not the case today as we live in an on-demand world where content can be accessed almost instantly on any multitude of devices and platforms.

This convenience for viewers can prove challenging for content creators as they must ensure that their video creations are formatted, ready, and available across various platforms and devices.

In addition to traditional media platforms, the number of Video on Demand (VOD), Over the Top (OTT), Streaming, Mobile, Social, and other Digital platforms and services continue to evolve and grow every day.

Digital Media Services has over 40 years of expertise in content preparation and delivery and can help content creators and owners navigate through the evolving world of Multiplatform Video Content.

Whether your content is brand new or was originally created for viewing on a different format, Digital Media Services makes it easy to QC, prepare, and transform your video content for any variety of platforms, formats, and devices including:

  • OTT Platforms (Over The Top)
  • Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO GO, iTunes, CBS All Access
  • VOD-Video On Demand
  • Broadcast Television
  • Online Publisher
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Out of Home/Digital Signage
  • Sports Sponsorships
  • Theatrical
  • Print
  • DCP- Digital Cinema Package
  • Blu-ray/DVD Authoring and Duplication


Digital Media Services makes it easy for customers to deliver and receive content. We accept both electronic and physical masters for quick receipt, QC, and delivery. Setting up your account is fast & easy with no minimums required.

Call us today at 212-951-7000 New York or 818-846-4000 in LA or email for a free estimate or project quote.